Tuesday, January 31, 2006

You started it

Been away for a long weekend in Berlin. It was a kind of stag weekend but without the stag (or any other sort of mammal). Rebuilding everywhere. Tourist traps include a Snackpoint Charlie fast food joint. You can even buy 5p-sized bits of the Berlin Wall. Classy.

Travel notes of the week

Enjoyable - it's bliss to fly from a regional airport like Bristol rather than suffer the grief that is Heathrow and Gatwick. From getting to the airport, we parked up & checked in within 5 minutes.

Aggravating - Licensed bandits operate at the airport though. At £34, the charge for 4 days parking was more than the EasyJet flight. By contrast, it’s just £4 for limitless travel on buses, trams, metro and trains in Berlin.

Rugby note of the week

Missed Ebbw Vale's game at Bridgend last Saturday. Don't think I missed much from an Ebbw point of view. The false dawn (yet again) of Christmas wins against Pontypool and the Evil Empire Newport must be desperately frustrating for the new coaching staff and for all concerned.

No game this week as its England/Wales on Saturday and then a "six-pointer” when the Old Parish visit on Saturday 11 February.

Squirrel Notes

The bird table wasn't destroyed by squirrels this past week. Makes a change. "Squirrel proof" feeders are clearly a fraud. There's no such thing. A plastic bird feeder was eaten away until it fell apart & a metal one was simply dismantled by a squirrel and his toolbox. Superglue & lots of tape seem to have done the job thus far. But watch this space.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Welcome to my world

Welcome to my blog. Hopefully you'll find some interesting commentaries on rugby, on cube-life, on travel, on my pet peeves, on life in Wales and lots more.