Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Stuff

Parking Notes

This is how not to park. The moron manages to take up 4 spaces with his idiot-mobile. Pic taken at Midway Retail Park in Pontypridd.

Cricket Notes

Astonishingly, Glamorgan are in the final of the Yorkshire Bank 40. They have blown hot and cold all season, and I seen a range of performances from top quality to embarrassing. But good luck to them, and hopefully they can put on a good show at Lord's.

Rugby Notes

After the trip to north Wales was safely negotiated last Saturday, with a win over RGC 1404, it's the home opener for Ebbw Vale this weekend with another tough game. This time it's Bargoed, who are always a physical side (to use a euphemism).

It'll be my first chance to see how the new guys, mostly in the back line, have settled in. And this year, it's serious. After three successive titles but no promotion, this year the winner of the Championship will go up into the Premiership. Subject to passing the playing conditions criteria, known as an A License. Of course, as always, its all subject to the WRU not changing its mind.

Movie Notes

Richard Curtis has a new movie out, called About Time. It's a time travel rom-com apparently. Any (frankly unlikely) thought of going to see it was scrapped after seeing the review headline in The Times. It read: "If time travels existed, I'd unsee this movie."

Travel Notes


Spent a night in London this week. Do you know what £115 buys you nowadays? A pretty crappy hotel, that's what. The Wigmore Court Hotel, despite reasonable reviews on Tripadvisor, was awful. Lumpy bed (bizarrely a four poster in a tiny room), peeling wallpaper and indelible breakfast - the biggest sin of all.

Walking down Newport Road in Cardiff the other day a saw a bloke, wearing just shorts and boots. Carrying a 40 inch fault screen TV. Strange sight, and I reckon a good opening to a short story.