Monday, June 21, 2010

Long time, no see

I know, its been a while but reports of my demise are very unfounded. Its just that life has a way of taking over so completely that you don't have time to think.

Anyway, a spare 10 minutes sitting in Whetherspoons in Aberystwyth finally prompted me to put finger to tiny keyboard. Well, its either this or watch the endless World Cup on TV.

First up, some easy stuff. Sports. Boston ran the LA Lakers close (7 games) before going down to Kobe Bryant and a bunch of other guys who don't deserve NBA championship rings.

Rugby. Wales flattered to deceive in the first 20 minutes before being dutifully dispatched by the All Blacks. 22 losses in a row stretching back to 1953. Australia's lack of a front tow cost them dearly as they looked impressive behind. In Cooper they have a number 10 to rival Dan Carter.

Cricket. My birthday pressie from Cath was a season ticket to the Twenty20 at Glamorgan. They set off well, winning the first three games. But they have now lost the last three to settle into mid table obscurity. Their game was characterised by some truly shocking running between the wickets, and all the blame can't be laid at Cosgrove's door. But as S4C commentators said his speed is deceptive - he's slower than he looks.

Anyway, more to come, when I have time.