Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel Notes

Spent the last couple of days in Edinburgh. Flybe's shuttle service does the job very nicely.

Cardiff airport is still a relatively small scale affair, but Edinburgh airport is morphing into an enormous international airport. The walk from the plane to the airport exit is so far it seems like the plane is parked in Glasgow.

Still, overall it was a very good trip, topped by a top social evening in one of Edinburgh's watering holes.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cricket Notes

I watched quite a bit of the Twenty20 competetion this year after Janesy bought me a Twenty20 season ticket as a birthday pressie.

After a good start Glamorgan fell away badly, and had to rely on Mark Cosgrove and Tom Maynard to get runs. Crofty was as good as ever and in James Harris Glammy have a potential England player.

Shaun Tait. Oh dear. Didn't seem overly bothered, and he showed he was a force to be reckoned with when he turned out for Australia. The only time he looked quick was when Trescothick and Keiswetter started hitting everything. Tait wound himself up and was so fast that Cosgrove at slip was outside the 30 yard circle.

Shot of the tournament thus far was Trescothick hitting Tait out of the ground with a top edge over third man. Cosgrove hitting the window above the scoreboard comes a close second.

Watching it person has spurred me to watch a bit of neutral Twenty20 on Sky, and I will try to make time to watch the quarter finals at the end of the month.

Baseball Notes

George Steinbrenner died last week. Famous as the interfering owner of the evil Empire (NY Yankees).

Reports include some great quotes from former employees, including "The phone would ring in the middle of the night, and you knew it was either Mr Steinbrenner or a death in the family. After a while, you started to root for a death in the family."

Film Notes

The Damned United was on BBC2 last night. Top movie about the brilliant Brian Clough's 44 day reign at Leeds United.

I know its part fact and part fiction but it sometimes felt just like a documentary. Michael Sheen does an uncanny job at portraying Old Big'Ead.

Terrific stuff from an era when I actually paid attention to soccer.

Travel Notes

After being in north Wales last Thursday and Friday, today I'm in Edinburgh. roseburn, not even anywhere near the city centre. There's a Spar and a couple of pubs. Hey ho.

And yes, its raining.

Home tomorrow evening, then its Cardiff and Builth Wells for the rest of the week. Next week its back to Edinburgh for a couple of days and then one day in Aberystwyth to round out the month. Then everyone goes on holidays and it all calms down (hopefully).

For August the furthest I want to travel is to the caravan in Tresaith.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Cricket Notes

Sitting in the late evening sunshine watching Glamorgan play Surrey in one of the endless round of Twenty20 “McDonalds” competition. Its not the real thing but at least I can get out and spend a Couple of hours at the SWALEC stadium.

Mark Cosgrove bullied the ball everywhere for an excellent 76, but the innings faltered at the death. We'll have to see if 165 is enough.