Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Second Scan

A few words from a guest blogger - my baby to be.

I just wanted to say hello after being tucked away for all these weeks. As you can see, I asked the photographer to catch my best side and I think we all agree that she did.

In the top shot I am on my back. You can see my head and nose and tum and in the air (on the right) is my leg and foot. I’m waggling my toes.

In the middle shot I’m still on my back but this time my tum looks even fatter and you can see my arm with my hand touching my face. If you can see little white dots on my hand, those are my fingers!

In the bottom shot I am upside down. My back is facing upwards and you can just see my spine on the top of my tum. I’m facing you too but my face looks wonky because I must have been sneezing or something.

Right, I must go because I still have to pack for Boston. I gather that there are loads of lovely things to buy over there, and there are cousins to meet.

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