Saturday, October 10, 2009

Concert Notes

Went to Pontypridd’s Muni Arts Centre on Thursday night to see Slaid Cleaves. I’d heard some of his songs on BBC Radio 2 (usually Bob Harris), so I thought, why not? His strapline on his website is

Slaid Cleaves. Grew up in Maine. Lives in Texas. Writes songs. Makes records. Travels around. Tries to be good.

His music is somewhere in the folk rock, roots, country area. Songs featured came from his new album Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away and his 2000 breakout album Broke Down. Brilliant songs about the working class guy in the vein of Springsteen, a stripped-down set of just two guitars, a laid-back feel and a quality show. A top night out. Come back soon Slaid.

He was supported by Dan Raza, a young English guy who sung some really good songs, but took an eternity to retune between each song. It took the momentum away and tested the patience of the audience. Get a second guitar, dude.

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