Monday, September 24, 2012

Twitter Notes

Now, I'm down with the technology. I've been known to Twitter and FB, and of course blog.

But sometimes all this social media can bite you in the bum. And that's what happened to Waitrose last week. They were trying to generate some interest with the post "I shop at Waitrose because.." They should have known what was coming.

Some of the best responses included:

"I shop at Waitrose because I don't like being surrounded by poor people."
"I shop at Waitrose because Clarissa's pony just will not eat ASDA value straw."
"I shop at Waitrose because the toilet paper is made from 24ct gold thread."
"I shop at Waitrose because darling, Harrods is just too much of a trek mid-week."
"I shop at Waitrose because I was once in the Holloway Road branch and heard a dad say 'Put the papaya down, Orlando!'"

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