Saturday, October 06, 2012

Baseball Notes

Watching the baseball wildcard game between St Louis Cardinals and the Atlanta Braves. Always thought that adding a second wildcard to each division was a crazy idea, especially since there it is a single game to decide who advances.

And tonight's game is a great example of why, after 162 games to qualify, it is madness to have a single game decider. Simply put, bad officiating. "Blue" made a terrible call on an infield fly in the 8th inning, and the crowd went nuts. Cue 15 minute delay and huge embarrassment for MLB. And the Braves duly not beaten.

As the rest of the post-season, well there's no Boston Red Sox. New manager Bobby Valentine duly got his cards after a single, dismal season. So as usual its a matter of supporting anyone but the evil empire Yankees. 

Best story this season has been the Washington Nationals, after a string of poor seasons they have won the NL East and are generally regarded as having the best rotation in baseball. But they have to play the Cardinals first up.

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