Thursday, August 01, 2013

Holidays and Other Stuff

Ava's Diary

Nice week in Tresaith. It was sunny almost all week, so I spent most of it on the beach. Sandcastle-building, jumping waves, collecting shells and my first go at surfing meant a busy week.

One rainy day and so that was a trip to the cinema with dad to see The Smurfs 2. It was smurfing funny.

The pcture is the view from our caravan park, Gwalia Falls, down to Tresaith beach.

Cricket Notes

Went to see last Friday's T20 game between Glamorgan and Northants. Good crowd (7,000 or so), good start but an inability to bat consistently and not give away cheap wickets cost Glamorgan dear. Four catches at long-on or long-off shows a spectacular lack of learning. And the odd poor ball meant that Glamorgan failed to build pressure in he field, and consequently the result was never in doubt.

Other thoughts on the game: The four that was a six. A pull from Chris Cooke cleared the boundary by a clear yard. The umpire asks the nearest Northants player Muhammad Azharullah who shrugs. Umpire has no option but to signal a four. Next year's guide will list Azharullah as qualified for England by residency but for Pakistan by cheating.

Marcus North. His 7 off 100 balls (probably not actually 100 balls) was torture to watch. Most others teams have overseas players who add to their teams, in Glamorgan's case this is another expensive mistake.

Travel Notes

Different pace of life down in west Wales. A lot of  the roads around Tresaith are single track, which means quite a bit of squeezing past and reversing to lay-bys. All of this is done with very good grace, and an extraordinary array of cheery waves. I have been growing my portfolio of waves to other motorists. A nod, a salute, a regal wave, the list (Robert Crampton-style) continues.

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