Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Fantasy Football Notes

Who would have thought it. I managed to win both of my fantasy football leagues (US football, none of that soccer nonsense).

In my season-long league, I scraped into fourth place with an 8-6 record. I knocked off the number 1 seed 83-72 through a great performance in the snow by Jamal Lewis. In the final I beat the number 2 seeds 79-54 with huge games by David Garrard (first start for me, having finally give up on Carson Palmer) and Green Bay’s Ryan Grant.

Almost the same story in my half-season league. Scraped into the playoffs with an average 5-4 record through more points scored. In the semi-final I beat the number 3 seed 74-61 through late pick up RB Earnest Graham. The final saw a match-up with the 8-1 number 1 seed. New England’s Randy Moss and Seattle’s Matt Hasselbeck came through for me and I won 66-63. Didn’t really deserve to win, having not noticed that Willie Parker had a broken leg and leaving Clinton Portis’ 21 points on the bench.

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