Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ponty Notes

You see all manner of strange things when you venture into Pontypridd town centre after dark. Most of them are not good.

Last week, the end of a stressful day meant a trip down to The Mighty Cod on Taff Street for a fish and chip supper. On the way out I see a middle-aged woman, well dressed and apparently sober, lying in the street with (I presume) her husband/partner standing next to her. A woman smoking a cigarette outside the Cod says that he’s just hit her. So, with chips getting cold, I go over where she’s in tears saying “don’t let him hit me again”, and he’s saying “she fell off the kerb”.

I have to help her up and then walk her over to the chip shop for her to sit down. The staff keep the husband out of the shop and call the police. And so another everyday incident of domestic violence goes on.

No wonder we’re seriously thinking of relocating to somewhere a bit more peaceful. The Assembly is opening an office in Aberystwyth soon, so…

To balance all this negative stuff up a little, here’s a link to the Ponty town website.

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