Monday, October 20, 2008

Travel Notes

I was in Liverpool last week. The conference was held at the Hard Day’s Night Hotel, next door to the Cavern Club in the heart of the Beatles quarter. So yes, it’s a Beatles themed hotel with memorabilia everywhere and 24/7 piped Beatles music.

The logo, pictured, has two links to the Beatles. Firstly, it’s the first chord of Its Been A Hard Day’s Night, the most famous first chord of any record. Ever. And secondly, it represents an overhead view of the layout of the stage when the Beatles performed.

It was great to be in a city where the local accent was the predominant one, unlike London the week before. And I was hugely impressed by the work that’s gone on to develop the centre of Liverpool. Liverpool One is an enormous new shopping area, where plenty of WAG wannabes were out in force.

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