Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ava's Diary

So I’m all geared up for Halloween. Except the crèche for some reason can’t call it that, so we’ve got Orange Day tomorrow. I’ve got a ‘Hoppy Halloween’ froggy t-shirt to wear.

In other news from the crèche, we have started rehearsals for the Christmas show. I’m going to play the part of a star. I think it involves sitting on the floor wearing something glittery.

I have great fun dressing up in crèche. Today I was a fairy, and yesterday I had a pumpkin outfit. I have two new best friends. Bethan and Abigail have both started at crèche, and are a few weeks younger than me. I’m still the smallest (and the cutest) one though.

Oh, and I love bathtime, as you can see.

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