Tuesday, July 21, 2009

University Notes

One of the nicest parts of being a governor at the University of Glamorgan is that you get to see the fruits of the University’s labour. Graduation Day.

So last week I had the chance to see the business and technology graduation ceremony. At the ceremony Dr Lyn Evans (“Lyn the Atom”) received an honorary doctorate.

I was very fortunate to have lunch with him beforehand. He struck me as being a quiet man who finds all the publicity surrounding his work with the Large Hydron Collider at CERN rather bewildering. He chatted about the demise of Physics as an A level subject in Wales and rubbished the science behind Angels and Demons which is set at CERN. He was very nice about Tom Hanks though.

The University’s press release on the day is here, and Lyn’s wildly impressive biog is here. As he says himself, “not bad for a bloke from Aberdare”.

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