Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rugby Notes

I’ve been plucking up courage to write about last Friday’s game.

In the end Ebbw Vale came a poor second to Pontypridd. Ebbw lost 3-28, the second successive home tanking this season. And worryingly, Ponty weren’t that good; even their own website called it a ‘workmanlike performance’.

Ebbw defended well and gave a reasonable account of themselves in the first half, and did well to get to half time at 3-3. A revolving door tackle just after half time gave Ponty their first try, and from then on it looked like an uphill battle.

On the plus side, the lineout has improved, and we took some Ponty ball as well. Match report on Ebbw’s website as well as on Ponty’s.

Next up on Saturday is a trip to Neath, where we have done well in recent years. Let’s hope for a first win, eh?

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