Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book Notes

To my mind, the biggest retailing losses of the recession is the loss of Borders in the UK. The Borders bookstore in Llantrisant has been a favourite haunt since it opened a couple of years ago. Its popularity was helped by the fact that there was a Starbucks there too.

My views completely echo this straight lift from Robert Crampton’s (as always) terrific column in The Times...

Strange, Borders going belly up. My local branch was always packed; my family alone has spent a small fortune there over the years. And, unlike, say, your average travel agency (how much longer can they last?) or indeed bank, Borders has, or had, the feel of a vibrant, optimistic, well-run, up-to-the-minute business, providing, to my mind, a pretty good modern shopping experience.

Maybe too modern. The last few times I’ve tried to track down a book in Borders, the assistant, in that charmingly chilled-out non-competitive young person way, has suggested I’d be better off going on Amazon.

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