Saturday, September 03, 2011

Things I think

I think that whatever the concerns about ITV only covering rugby once every four years, the enormous upside is that we won’t have Jonathan Davies whining for 6 weeks. We may, however, be subject to Bob Symonds doing the same commentary that he’s done for 40 years.

I think that Quade Cooper has a good chance of being the RWC’s MVP.

I think that I can’t wait to see how many fans buy Ebbw Vale’s new white, pink and navy away shirt when it goes on sale. Not exactly traditional Ebbw or Gwent colours. Whatever happened to sky blue for the alternate shirt?

I think that I’m hoping India will continue to show some interest in the One Day International series. I’ve got a ticket for the final ODI in Cardiff next week, and am hoping that both teams will be bothered to show up.

I think that Glamorgan cricket got its marketing all wrong this season. Unlike in 2010 there was no way of buying a T20 season ticket. As a result of that, lots of travelling with work, and lousy results I’ve been to Sophia Gardens (sorry, the SWALEC stadium) just once this year.

I think that I’m pleased that Would I Lie To You is back on BBC1 this week. On its day it’s one of the funniest programmes on TV, as witnessed by this clip of Kevin Bridges explaining how he bought a horse whilst on holiday in Bulgaria (or not, as the case may be).

I think that Torchwood isn’t half being dragged out. I feel like I need to watch it on fast forward.

I think that as the guy on the toy stall at Abergavenny market was happy to point out last week, its just 16 weeks to Christmas. And that can only mean one thing. It’s The X Factor. Gary Barlow’s age “has given him the regal stillness of a wise meerkat elder” (@petepaphides). Some of the contestants are borderline mental health cases. And Sidewinder do a better job that the vast majority of what I’ve seen so far – go see them if you’re ever in Aberystwyth!

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