Monday, September 12, 2011

This week's musings...

Mellow Fruitfulness
As you can see, we harvested our pear tree on the weekend. And a bumper crop it was too. Picked a good 60 pears on Sunday, and that was after a goodly windfall caused by the seasonal storms.

Now I’m in the market for some pear recipes. Pear and plum crumble has been done. Now what?

Ava’s diary

Back in Rhydyfelin Nursery for my last year before infants school proper. Mrs Luxton and the other teachers have a fairytale theme planned for this term, and there is already a trip to Castell Coch scheduled for next month.

Getting into the habit of going swimming on Sunday mornings. Dad usually comes too. After some initial nerves, I’m now a big fan and my party trick is jumping into the pool. Daddy usually catches me. Pool was quiet on Sunday morning; dad mumbled something about being thankful for Sky+.

Had a taste of coca cola on the weekend and pronounced “this tastes spiky”. Haven’t comes across the word fizzy, so spiky is the next best description.

Rugby World Cup

Rugby overload on the first weekend. Romania gave Scotland a good game, as did Japan France. Two modern miracles. How did England win? And how did Wales lose?

Looks like its going to be a good tournament, as the lesser teams seem to have closed the gap.

Respite for a couple of days. Georgia to beat Scotland on Wednesday?

Rugby Notes

Ebbw Vale made it two out of two with a 19-9 win at home to Beddau. The new jerseys were on display, but look a bit too red for my taste.

The game featured a strong wind and occasional downpours (a summer’s day for Ebbw). Ebbw’s pace out wide was under-utilised, but again the ball got turned over too readily. Full back and MotM Tom Daly (pictured) made many a good break, and it will be interesting to see how Charlie Simpson fits into the side when he returns.

Scorers: Try for Dan Deardon, four penalties for Dan Haymond and a penalty for sub Dorian Jones (whose dad is currently part of the Russia rugby set up at the RWC.

Travel Notes

Driving down Nantgarw hill on Saturday, I saw a yellow Reliant Robin. As starred in Only Fools and Horses. As I pulled alongside I could see the full Trotters Independent Trading logo, New York, Paris, Peckham. And to finish the look, the bloke driving had the Del Boy sheepskin coat. Lovely Jubbly.


A coffee shop has opened up in Cathays, right opposite the University. Costa Coffee has moved into what used to be the registry office. Went to go in last week, but the queue was out the door. Literally. I’ll try it out sometime, but I’m not waiting 20 minutes for my cup of joe.

The Art of Tidying Up

Splendid new book out by Austrian comedian Ursus Wehrli. Called the The Art of Tidying Up, it does pretty much what you expect. Appeals hugely to my (some would say anal) sense of order.

There’s a terrific video on YouTube of Wehrli tidying up some famous pieces of art. Excellent stuff.

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