Monday, November 10, 2008

Rugby Notes I

This post is a week late, due to me being sick and bard for most of last week, but rather than skip the game altogether…

Ebbw Vale played Swansea at a deserted St Helens on Saturday 1 November, and came away with a 20-20 draw. I didn’t get to the game, but from all accounts (here, here, and here) Ebbw should have come away with the win.

Scorers: Tries for Andrew McLaughlan and Kristian Owen, and 10 points (two penalties, two conversions) from Andrew Williams

Team: Andrew McLaughlin, Andrew Bevan, Kristian Owen, Shaun Powell, James Lewis, Andrew Williams, Ieuan Evans; Anthony Lott, Matthew Williams, Marc Jones, Gavin Lucas, Joanthan Griffiths, Rhys Jenkins, Rhys Williams, Simon Pengelly.

International rugby got in the way this past weekend, but Ebbw return to action (see, even writing in clichés like a proper journo now!) when they host the feisty (for feisty, read fighty) Glamorgan Wanderers next Saturday, 2:30 kick off.

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