Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ava's diary

This week has been my first full week in crèche since the Christmas break, but it was like never having been away. I gave Charlene a big smile and hardly a look back at dad as he leaves after dropping me off.

On Friday I helped make a birthday card that all the staff at the crèche signed for me, and everyone sang happy birthday when I ate my chocolate chip cookie. I enjoyed it, even if it was a day early.

On Saturday I was one year old. Everyone tells me that I’m getting on now and its all downhill from here. I don’t believe a word of it; I’m having a ball every day.

I opened a few pressies while sitting on mam and dad’s bed, and enjoyed playing with the zoo toy that auntie Heather and uncle T sent me. Then it was getting ready for my birthday trip to Peterstone Court, which is where mam and dad got married a couple of years ago. I had to wear my best party dress which nanna Ena gave me for Christmas.

We picked up nanna Ena and met grandpa Frank and nanna Irene there. Gramps was very proud of navigating by sat nav. The day was lunch followed by birthday cake and a very chilled out afternoon. I had the chance to open the rest of my pressies. Thus far I’ve taken a shine to a wooden jigsaw from auntie Stella and uncle Gwyn and stickle bricks from cousins Robert and Emma. I had so much fun that I snoozed all the way home.

Bath time was fun, as I had a new Winnie the Pooh toy from cousin Helen to play with. I was in the bath for half an hour. Mam was jealous; she says she never gets time to laze in the bath.

Today auntie Bev and uncle Philly came to visit me. Bev played on the floor with me and it took everyone to help her up afterwards! Usually its dad who can’t get up; something to do with old age…

Thanks to everyone who gave me cash, which dad is investing for me. My first year has been a harsh reality in economics though. Whilst the government gave me some cash to open a trust fund, its now worth less then it was a year ago. Sheesh. But I’m told that investments can go up as well as down so things may improve by the time I’m 18 and can get my hands on the cash.

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