Monday, February 16, 2009

Hospital Notes

There’s not a lot of progress to report.

Mum’s settled in OK at Tredegar General Hospital. Mum, of course, says "I don't know what I'm doing here". While sitting down or lying on the bed there's no problem - when it comes to moving around its all a bit wobbly. She has started the regime of physiotherapy to get her back on her feet - literally. She's walking with her stick but with a nurse holding on to an elbow.

Mum's sister Stella & Gwyn visited her on Friday (giving me a day off), and they called in at Ponty Towers on the way home to visit Ava. The photo is of Ava with here great-aunt Stella.

Ava and I visited on Saturday, where Ava was the centre of attention. She sat on her nanna’s bed and scattered her toys everywhere.

There was a mass exodus of visitors around 4:30 as everyone, me included, rushed home to watch the Wales game on TV.

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