Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ava's Diary

I’m now walking endlessly, and stumbling and falling occasionally. I’m happy when trotting around the house and when I’m trying to feed myself, although I’m still confused when the food falls off my spoon. And my new trick is to blow kisses!

I’ve spent the last two weekends away, so I’ve gotten good use out of my travel cot. The weekend before last I went with mam and dad to visit autie Lou and uncle Dave (not really relatives, their mam and dad’s friends). Emily and Tess played with me and my toys, and introduced me to Hannah Montana. I still prefer Teletubbies though.

Last weekend it was the bank holiday trip down to our caravan at Gwalia Falls in Tresaith. The weather was fabulous and we found some new places to explore.

Saturday we went to the Teifi Marshes Nature Reserve near cardigan. It has some really nice walks, and lots of butterflies, flowers and bizzarely, water buffalo. Oh, and a really nice visitor centre and coffee shop.

Sunday was a scorcher, so we had a picnic on Tresaith beach. I enjoyed playing in the sand, paddling in the pools left behind as the tide went out, and laughing at all of the other children playing. Got sand everywhere, including in my snacks. We all had a nice afternoon snooze on the beach under our umbrella. Bliss.

On bank holiday Monday I went for my first train ride. We all went on the Teifi Valley Railway, a steam train which runs from Henllan near Newcastle Emlyn. I waved at all of the passers-by, the trees, the sheep and the cows.

Before we went home, dad took me to Tescos in cardigan to have my passport photograph taken. I smiled for the photo booth cameraman, but clearly he was shy as he never came out of the booth. Now dad has to send the pictures off to get my first passport in readiness for our trip next month to Dinard on the Brittany coast of France – my first overseas trip, not counting when I was in mam’s tum.

There are lots more photos of me on dad’s Flickr website.

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