Friday, May 01, 2009

Information Notes

We clearly live in interesting times, and no one can deny the fact that we are exposed to much more information that at any other time in history. It’s not the Information Age, it’s the Information Overload Age.

The question on most minds today is how anyone can get any work done with all the information that is directed at you.

There’s keeping up with your emails, in work and at home. Then there’s this blog, of course. Then some FaceBooking, LinkedIn and of course Twitter.

Even if you move away from the interweb, 24 hour rolling news channels on TV welcome you with open arms. And mobile phones mean that you’r enever out of touch.

… and we wonder why the day rolls by so fast these days?

Well, there is talk of our Gwalia Falls caravan site in Tresaith having wi-fi installed, but until then I’m happy to retreat to an area of outstanding poor mobile phone reception for a long bank holiday weekend.

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