Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ava's Diary

It’s been ages since I updated my diary, and I have some important news to report.

As of last Saturday, I’m officially a proper walker – albeit with lots of falling down too. On Friday I was taking two steps before collapsing, and lunging from one bit of furniture to the next. But on Saturday I walked the entire length of Nanna Ena’s living room.

So yesterday, mam and dad took me to get my first proper pair of shoes. I had my feet measured in Clarks in Talbot Green. I’m officially a 3½ G. Which is about as small as they make shoes. Dad still got fleeced for £26 for my appleshine pink leather shoes though. They said come back in 6 weeks, because by then I’ll probably need a bigger pair; dad sobbed.

My vocabulary is growing all the time. My new words are ’doggie’ and ‘rabbit’ and ‘apple’. I can point them out in a book and I point to dogs in the street and say ‘doggie’. I’m learning all the time and I’m happy to sit in my highchair and turn the pages of a book and point at the pictures.

Last Sunday I went with mam and dad to Cardiff Bay. We went on the Aquabus ‘cruise’ around the Bay. I enjoyed waving to all the other boats in the Bay.

The May bank holiday weekend was spent at our caravan at Gwalia Falls. It was nice and sunny and we went to Llanerchaeron gardens on Saturday, and Cardigan Island Farm on Sunday.

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