Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fantasy Football Notes

NFL of course, not soccer.

The season is almost upon us, and so it’s time for Ava’s Army to take on the might of a collection of complete strangers, all of whom will probably know more about Yahoo! Fantasy Football than me.

Whilst acutely aware that there general rule is that there is nothing more interesting than your own fantasy team and nothing more dull than somebody else’s, for anyone interested the team has been drafted and looks like this:

  • QB Philip Rivers (Chargers)
  • RB Ray Rice (Ravens)
  • RB Ryan Matthews (Chargers)
  • WR Larry Fitzgerald (Cardinals)
  • WR Terrell Owens (Bengals)
  • WR Dez Bryant (Cowboys)
  • TE Tony Gonzalez (Falcons)

First setback was to lose Sidney Rice for half the season, so waivers and trades will be looked at to bolster my wide receiver depth.

The season starts Thursday 9 September and coverage is spread across Sky Sports (Sundays) and ESPN (Mondays).

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