Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Rugby Notes

The nights are a bit cooler. Its not light so early. Autumn is in the air. Rugby season.

Ebbw Vale are in Division 1 East this year, following a dismal second half of last season. It looks as though the team recruited this year could well have kept Ebbw Vale from relegation last season - which shows a rather strange management thought process.

Never mind, as I'll be there supporting my home team club whatever the league or division - after all in my schooldays when I first watched Ebbw it was strictly friendly only and the unofficial Western Mail Merit Table.

First game is 4 September when we (I invest so much emotional capital that I think I'm entitled to say we) host Llanharen. I'll be there.

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Eye Jay said...

Tbh MV, it was a pretty dismal first half of last season as well!