Monday, October 17, 2011

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Ava’s Diary

Castell Coch
It was the Nursery’s day trip to Castell Coch on Tuesday. Mam and Dad came too. We got to listen to The Spellbinder tell us stories about animals who used to live at the castle, and then we Prince Andy taught us sword-fighting. But a) he didn’t look much like a prince, and b) we didn’t do any sword-fighting. We did learn all about being a knight though.

After the packed lunch (as is the tradition some ate theirs on the bus on the way to the castle) it was time for a treasure hunt in the forest. In the rain. We found a treasure chest full of chocolate coins. I had two. Then it was time to go home and some kids (and parents) slept on the bus home.

On Sunday I met all of Dad’s family for lunch. I played with Sarah and Helen, but was very shy because there was a new man around: Helen’s new guy Mark. I played cards (clock patience rather than poker) and did some colouring. Oh, and ate every carrot in the pub.

Rugby Notes

Levitating Dan Aj
Not a great day on Saturday. Wales somehow managed to be plucky losers yet again. And the focus had to be Sam Warburton after my blog last week.

And then Ebbw Vale went down to Newbridge 9-6. The crowd was very quiet, and it had a “after the Lord Mayor’s show” feeling. Almost inevitably it was a rather flat and frankly very poor game.

As last year, Ebbw got turned over by a physical Newbridge team, and thus allowed a one-dimensional Newbridge team to simply shoe the ball down the pitch and then take it back off us. Not streetwise or organised enough. It’s all very well making half-breaks, but if the support doesn’t clear out the opposition then you have no chance. The lack of a neutral zone didn’t help us though. Ronnie Kynes was my MotM, for what it’s worth.

So both my teams lost without conceding a try, without conceding 10 points. But both had kicks to win the game, and shouldn’t look elsewhere for excuses.

Next its home to Blackwood on Saturday, and a rather pointless 3rd place playoff against Australia.

Travel Notes

Room for one more inside? No, there bloody well isn't
Work took me to London last week. God, I’d forgotten how much I dislike it. The Underground is permanently heaving, and of course hot and unventilated. Prices were almost laughable, such as £2 for a cup of flavourless “coffee” (their word not mine) on the train.

One oasis was accommodation. Tired of the soulless, expensive dumps that pass as London hotels, I opted instead for a B&B. Good decision too. The Kennington B&B was everything you want. Quiet, clean, convenient, friendly. Will definitely go there again, if I have to spend time in London.

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