Friday, October 14, 2011

Sam Warburton Facts

Sam Warburton, Wales’ captain is now turning into one of the best open-side flankers in the world. In his honour a Twitter thread (#SamWarburtonFacts) has been collecting so little known stuff about him. Here is a short list of my favourites.

1.    If the Large Hadron Collider breaks again, Sam Warburton will just throw two atoms together and see what happens
2.    Sam Warburton once slammed a revolving door
3.    Superman wears Sam Warburton pyjamas to bed.
4.    The Bogey Man checks under his bed for Sam Warburton.
5.    Ghosts sit around a campfire telling Sam Warburton stories.
6.    The Ghostbusters call Sam Warburton when there is something strange in their neighbourhood.
7.    Sam Warburton is the reason Wally is hiding.
8.    Voldemort refers to Sam Warburton as “He who must not be named”.
9.    Some pee their name into snow, Sam Warburton does his into concrete.
10. Bruce Springsteen calls Sam Warburton ‘the Boss’.
11. Sam Warburton can draw a circle with a ruler.
12. When Sam Warburton is running late, time slows down.
13. There are 5 natural elements: earth, fire, wind, water, Sam Warburton.
14. Sam Warburton can love AND hate Marmite simultaneously.
15. Sam Warburton makes onions cry.
16. When Sam Warburton looks in the mirror his reflection avoids eye contact.
17. The AA have gone out of business. Sam Warburton beat them to every breakdown.
18. Watching TV with Sam Warburton is a nightmare. He always turns over.

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