Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Rugby Notes

OK, so I got Saturday horribly wrong. But then again I guess that most of the world outside of the most optimistic England and France fans got it wrong too. Australia’s pack let them down yet again in the big game; they need to find themselves a couple of big props if they’re going to win anything. As for New Zealand, a lack of mental preparation. An ad on New Zealand’s eBay is runs as follows:

“Used All Blacks: re-conditioned earlier this year, fully mobile and working, but with the choke stuck on full.”

Normal service was restored on Sunday, but not without a few worries for both South Africa and Argentina.

So this weekend, the line-up is:

Saturday 8pm – England v France
Sunday 8pm – South Africa v Argentina

I’m taking France and Argentina, but then what do I know?

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