Friday, October 19, 2007

Travel Notes

Enjoyable – Travelled to London for a conference yesterday. Had to up at a godforsaken hour to catch the 6:55 train from Cardiff. I was pleasantly surprised by the train. It was a shiny new carriage with comfy chairs and smiling staff. My toasted sausage sarnie and a freshly ironed copy of The Times (OK, not ironed) was a perfect start to the day.

But then when the first class return ticket costs £241, I guess it’s no more than I should expect. I’m just glad that work was paying for the ticket.

Aggravating – The return train trip home. The platform number for 4:45 train was announced at Paddington and all heck breaks loose. The stampede to the train was quite a remarkable sight. In the end there’s standing room only – paying over £200 clearly brings with it no guarantee of a seat in first class, or anywhere. Thankfully I was at Paddington sufficiently early to grab my seat.

Eventually, past Swindon, the numbers thin and there’s enough room for everyone to get a seat.

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