Friday, February 01, 2008

Ava's Diary

30 January - The health visitor called again today. I’m now 7lbs 1½oz, a full pound heavier than when I was born three weeks ago.

Spent my first night in my own room. I only woke up once in the night, which seemed to please Mam and Dad.

31 January - Took a bath with my Mam today. Either I’m very pink or she’s very white. Probably both.

Went out for lunch to a coffee shop (see Dad’s review) and then did some shopping in Tescos.

1 February - Visited by Nanna Ena, Great-Aunt Stella, Great-Uncle Gwyn, and second cousins Helen and Sarah.

Got lots of pressies and clothes again. I’m looking forward to playing with all my toys. Had my picture taken a lot, but managed to sleep through most it.

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Matt Maddox said...

Congratulations! She looks adorable. It's definitely not as bad as they say when baby sleeps through the night (we lucked out as well).