Monday, February 11, 2008

Ava's Diary

4 February – it was my Dad’s first day back in work after his paternity leave. What a shock to be left alone with my Mam for an entire day.

6 February – the health visitor called again; I’m now 7lbs 7oz. Went for a walk with Mam and Bernice in the afternoon sunshine. OK, I didn’t walk; I was in some sort of papoose. I’m a bit colicky in the evenings, I don’t really shout the house down, but tend to be very fidgety and unsettled for a few hours every evening. I’m getting good at throwing up over my Mam too.

7 February – Nanna and Grandpa visited again. Mam and Dad sneaked off to the Cwm quiz for the evening when I wasn’t looking.

8 February – Dad had the day off (worn out after 4 days work and me keeping them up at night). We went to Hoffi Coffi for lunch. Dad says that they do a very good chicken balti. Dad went to watch Ebbw Vale play; he says that when I’m older I’ll have to go too.

9 February – A beautiful day, so Mam and Dad took me to the seaside. We went to Barry Island for the afternoon. Quite a crowd there enjoying the sunshine, playing on the beach and eating chips and ice cream. We joined in.

10 February – Dad took me out for the day to Ebbw Vale to give Mam a bit of quiet time. We visited Nanna Ena. I was very happy there as I slept almost the entire time.

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