Sunday, December 07, 2008

Rugby Notes

Ebbw went down 11-14 at home to the Wizards of Aberavon on Saturday. Though frankly wizards they were not; we wuz robbed.

”C'mon the honest XV” was the call from the terrace, fat lot of good it did us. Aberavon conceded 20 penalties, most of them for offside and many of them cynical, and received just one yellow card. Ebbw on the other hand got one yellow (Andrew Bevan, well deserved) for just a handful of penalties.

What does this say about how to play the game? I guess you just go to spoil and disrupt & if the ref doesn't have the balls to stand up to you (and most don't) then you win. I guess that we have a young team which needs to be more streetwise (which translates as being good at playing the ref).

We didn't help ourselves by some silly mistakes and a few missed kicks, and we never led, but we didn't deserve the last minute kick in the teeth that came in the form of the winning drop goal.

Number 8 Rhys Williams was excellent and centre Shaun Powell made a huge impact when he came on.

Photo courtesy of Whitcomb.

Scorers: Try for Ieuan Coombes and two penalties for Aaron Bramwell.

My man of the match: Rhys Williams, excellent in picking up from a retreating scrum and all around the pitch.

Team: Andrew McLaughlan; Ieuan Coombes, Kristian Owen (c), Aaron Bramwell, Andrew Bevan; Andrew Williams, Llyr Lane; Anthony Lott, Mathew Williams, Marc Jones; Nick Eaves, Jonathan Griffiths; James Thomas, Rhys Jenkins, Rhys Williams. Bench: Richard Wilkes, Gareth Jones, Matthew Griffin, Gavin Lucas, Ieuan Evans, Peter Smith, Shaun Powell.

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