Monday, June 01, 2009

Ava's Diary

After we got back from Tresaith on Tuesday it was back to crèche as usual on Wednesday to Friday. My friends Bethan and Abigail are toddling too, so we now roam around the crèche in a gang terrorising Charlene and the other carers.

On Friday night nanna looked after me while mam and dad had a night out in Cardiff. My walking now means that by bedtime I’m completely knackered and so I’ve been sleeping better than ever over the past few weeks. Mam tells me that she gives me a ‘dream feed’ before she goes to bed, but I’m usually blissfully unaware.

Saturday was a whirlwind as I went to Hoffi Coffi for breakfast then dad and I went to Tescos for the weekly shop. By lunchtime we were off to the Green Park festival in Cross Keys, where I waved to everyone and toddled off on my own to explore. I usually keep looking around to check where mam and dad are though.

Went to Dyffryn Gardens on Sunday (pictured). It’s such a pretty place for a day out that mam and dad joined as members a few months ago. It’s just a few miles from Culverhouse Cross, and once you get past the throngs going to M&S and B&Q you enter a different, more tranquil world.

I had pizza in the coffee shop and scoffed most of it. I enjoy feeding myself now, but my messy hands mean that by the end of the meal I’ve managed to get food all over my face. I played on the big lawn in the afternoon, and then snoozed all the way home.

Another fun-packed weekend.

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