Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cricket Notes

The Netherlands beat England to start the Twenty20 World Cup, but the ludicrous group system means that they go no further. And Ireland beat a frankly poor Bangladesh team to progress to the last eight on run rates.

But the biggest shock was Australia being knocked out. Played two, lost two. Still, they’ll have more time to prepare for the forthcoming Ashes series.

So now the top two from each group will advance to the semi-finals. None of the points from the first round of games carry forward to this stage – which means that England’s defeat doesn’t impact here at all. Someone’s got to come up with rules for these types of events which aren’t as contrived as this!

Group E: India, England, West Indies, South Africa
Group F: Pakistan, Ireland, Sri Lanka, New Zealand

My 50p bet would be on India and South Africa, New Zealand and Sri Lanka advancing.

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