Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ava's Diary

Another busy weekend to report on. It was a scorcher, so I was plastered on Factor 50 and wore a hat that makes me look like I’ve joined the foreign legion.

Saturday we all went to Duffryn Gardens. Again. They do a mean ‘kid’s lunch’ which is pizza and spaghetti, strawberry milk and a banana or apple. And I hoover (or is it dyson) it all up.

I then got to ride my trike around the gardens. Well, actually I get pushed, but its still great fun. Mam and Dad sat under a big tree and I kicked my Mr Men ball around.

On Sunday we had a picnic at Chepstow Castle. We met up with Mam and Dad’s friends Pete & Sibylle and their little boy Sebastian. (Actually, he’s 8 and looked enormous to me.) I snoozed in the shade with Mam and Dad played rugby with Seb.

Monday I went in the paddling pool at Ponty Park with Nanna and Gramps.

Phew, in between that lot, I’ve hardly got time to keep up my part time job of reorganising all of Mam and Dad’s books and CDs.

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