Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Twitter Notes

So many people post so much drivel on Twitter that I find it’s impossible to read anything meaningful on there.

Athletes are even posting tweets at half time of games. The same banalities that you get in post-match interviews. Sometimes the reporter’s filter helps protect us from some of the guff that celebs and sportsmen comes out with. Twitwits is a good term.

My solution has been to set up an automatic feed so that my blog posts go on Twitter and to Facebook too. That saves me having to go there and post just to prove that I’m still alive.

Sports Illustrated’s Norman Chad, sportswriter and self-proclaimed Couch Slouch, imagined how previous generations would have used Twitter…

Michelangelo: “Sistene chapel ceiling larger than it looks; back is killing me.

Christopher Columbus: “No sign of land yet.”

Robert Peary: “Man, its cold up here.”

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