Thursday, August 13, 2009

Broadband Notes

Normal services has been resumed and we once more have a phone line and broadband at chez Veale Janes.

It seems as though RCT guys put a spade through the phone lines on Monday whilst installing new street lights in our street. When the BT landline goes dead, you have to ring BT to report the fault and listen to a recorded threat that says if you haven't checked that the fault isn't in the house then they will send the boys round (or words to that effect).

So having done all the internal checks and discovered that, yes, the fault is out there somewhere in BT-land, BT's system is pretty good.

The land number was diverted to Janesy's mobile, and regular text messages were sent to keep us posted on the repair. It took a couple of days, but at least we're back to normal.

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