Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cat Notes

We have gained a cat.

Within weeks she went from being a stray stuck in a tree in the garden, through tentatively accepting food left on the patio, all the way to being a properly domesticated puss curled up on the sofa.

A trip to the vet (handy that we know a couple of reputable ones) revealed no microchip and an RSPCA collar got no response, so she has been adopted. She was no thin and light when we first got her that we thought she was a kitten. Jon the Vet told us she is about two years old, and most likely got lost from a previous owner or else has been abandoned. Which is unfortunate, but a huge benefit in that she is already house-trained, happy around people and probably spayed.

She has been given the fine name of Ferris Mewler. Ferris has been working hard to impress us; already we have been presented with the bodies of three rats and ten shrews (a maximum of one on any given morning, thankfully). It appears that Ferris has settled nicely into a routine of eating, sleeping and killing.

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