Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Ava's diary

On Friday we celebrated St David’s Day in crèche (a bit early), and everyone dressed in red. And next week we get to dress up for Red Nose Day.

Wales played on Friday night. Now Wales have never lost in the 6 Nations when I’ve sat on dad’s lap, but on Friday the gem was after my bedtime. So I was disappointed to be told first thing on Saturday that Wales lost in Paris. See… they don’t think about small children when scheduling rugby nowadays.

So to get my rugby fix I went with dad on Saturday to watch Ebbw Vale play Cardiff. It was cold but I enjoyed watching the game and the people in the crowd. The only time I cried was when dad shouted at the referee. But as dad explained – if he doesn’t tell the ref what he did wrong how is he going to learn?

For the next couple of weeks, I’m a guinea pig. Mam has ‘volunteered’ me to test drive some prams and buggies for a friend who writes in one of the Mother & Baby magazines. The first one arrived today (a Babyjogger), and after dad assembled it I had a ride around the house in it. Very nice too.

So two things are guaranteed. One – plenty of buggy rides for me over the next few weeks. Two – it’ll rain every day!

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