Friday, March 13, 2009

Happy Time

Happy Five involves listing 5 things you are happy about each day. It can be something as trivial as having a good hair day, or something as exciting as winning the lottery. This exercise promises to fill you with positive and happy thoughts, try it!

Here’s my five for today, so far.

1. Ava gave me a big smile went I went into her bedroom this morning
2. All the kids in crèche were dressed up in loud clothes for Red Nose Day. It looked like an explosion in a paint factory. Ava wore orange T-shirt, green trousers with white spots, pink tights and a blue so’wester!
3. Had the leftovers from last night’s chilli for lunch & it was fab
4. Enjoyed reading a list of accountancy jokes – see post below
5. Its Friday, and after work Cath and I are off to the caravan for the weekend

1 comment:

Heather Veale said...

OK, seriously Martin...Happy lists!? WTF?!