Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ava's diary

I’m doing new stuff all the time.

Last weekend I stayed with nanna Irene and grandpa Frank whilst mam and dad went down to Tresaith to the caravan. I had a great time. I played with all the exhibits at the Swansea Waterfront Museum and then listened to some live music outside. I crawled all around the house, and even started climbing the stairs. Alfie (nanna says it’s a dog, but dad says it’s a cat) has learned to stay out of the way when I’m crawling around.

On Tuesday I went with mam and dad to visit family in Midsomer Norton. Auntie Stella did a great lunch, and I ate roast pork, peas, carrots and gravy. I drew the line at crackling though. The weather was wonderful, and I played in the garden all afternoon.

My new toy is a ball. You can keep your electronic gizmos, my favourite toys are a tin and a wooden spoon and my new ball.

I’m learning new words all the time. This week its “more” and “wawaa” for water. I point to a cup if I’m thirsty, and to my mouth when I’m hungry. Thankfully its pretty obvious when I need my nappy changed!

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Heather Veale said...

She is growing fast. It won't be long before you post Ava's diary with tags such as "not-so-little Ava, texting, dating, boyfriends" :-)