Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cricket Notes

I can already hear the sound of leather on willow. Or should I say the sound of leather missing willow, the sound of muscles being pulled combined with the smell of Ralgex just afterwards, the sound of wheezing after 10 minutes bowling in the nets, and lastly (and most painfully) the sound of leather hitting unprotected flesh and not in a nice way.

Oh, summer is just around the corner.

And that means cricket nets for those intrepid members of the Haddocks, competing again in the Cardiff Midweek League. As the club motto goes – aspiring to mediocrity. Knotty, pictured, will help Skips keep the team just out of relegation trouble.

God luck with the season guys, but after a successful retirement last before last season I see no need to go back to the summer game, other than occasionally watching from the boundary.

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